Caffery Pools Services Highlights

Pool Cleaning VacuumWEEKLY MAINTENANCE – Pool Cleaning

Each pool cleaning visit includes:

  • Water testing
  • Debris removal from surface, walls, and floor
  • Chemical treatment as needed from supplies that I carry with me
  • A comprehensive report detailing the day’s maintenance

Pool Cleaning RobotREPAIRS

Leaky pump? Robot not cleaning properly? Automation issues? Not on our watch! Also included in each visit is an inspection of all equipment with an eye towards catching problems before they affect the pool and alerting the responsible party of the solution. Most issues can be repaired quickly and with a discounted labor rate for weekly customers.

Pool Cleaning PH TestCONSULTING

Need to learn more about any aspect of pool ownership? I am ready to assist with helping you to understand how to maintain your pool/spa/fountain and do it right!

Contact me for more information.