Hello, and thanks for visiting! I am Jeff Caffery, a native of Lafayette, and I formed Caffery Pool Services, L.L.C. to serve this community’s needs when it comes to proper pool/spa/fountain maintenance and pool cleaning. “Proper” means I do it right! When you hire a professional, shouldn’t you have the expectation that he knows what he is doing so that you don’t have to educate yourself on all aspects of pool maintenance in order to ensure that it’s done correctly? Well, that’s how I feel about it. When I started working in pool maintenance decades ago, I found the need for a pool service that considers first and foremost, “What’s best for this client?” I ask that question of myself daily and allow that focus to¬† guide my actions. From keeping the water balanced in order to make all of the components that the water comes into contact with last much longer to doing what I commit to doing in a timely fashion, I offer a a level of service rarely expected but definitely appreciated by my customers.

Learn more about Caffery Pool Services, L.L.C. through my website or through contacting me directly so we can talk about customizing a maintenance plan that suits both you and your waterbody.