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Jeff Caffery, NSPF Certified Pool Operator # 70-327188 with decades of experience, now has a couple of openings on his weekly pool cleaning and service route. Let's talk!

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Backyard Dream

Isn't it inviting? This pool had some equipment repair issues when I first took it over but now it's running like a sewing machine and the grandchildren sure enjoy the water!

Emerald Gem

This gem, with it's plentiful seating, is being enjoyed by the family and the dog loves the lounge chairs! This classic shape complements the beautiful home and I make sure it always clearly reflects the good taste of the owners.

Belle Eau (Beautiful Water)

This beautiful water which complements the backyard so nicely invites those lucky few to a large pool or a warm spa for relaxation. It also features a fountain plumbed in with the pool. Nice! Issues we ironed out included a robot which performed poorly prior to my weekly maintenance takeover and a saltwater to freshwater conversion.

Ice Blue Heaven

Pools are lovely aren't they? A classic design never goes out of style. This crystal clear eye catcher is in a meticulously manicured back yard and I maintain this pool in the same fashion. This pool is cleaned regularly and enjoyed by all ages.

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I’m Jeff Caffery, Certified Pool/Spa Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation with decades of experience in swimming pool service and maintenance in the Lafayette, LA area. With experience beginning […]

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